Since 1976

Bob Corcorran opened a small restaurant called "River Smith's" to supplement an ailing construction career. Riversmith's specialized in home-cooked catfish, and fried chicken using recipes that have been a part of the Corcorran family for generations. No- one had ever tasted catfish, or chicken this amazing. Bob worked in the kitchen by day and installed floors at night.

regular catfish

River Smith's Catfish

That is until enough people tasted River Smith's amazing catfish and chicken. Lucky for us, Bob was better at cooking than flooring and so began the culinary adventure known today as "Riversmith's Catfish and Chicken". Riversmiths became so popular Bob had to give up his flooring career; Bob came to realize that he was a better cook, than floor installer. Riversmith's catfish grew in popularity, so much so that diners had to stand around waiting for a place to sit to enjoy their lunch.

Bob quickly had to expand to keep up with demand for Riversmith's unique and, just plain ol' good home cooked catfish, chicken, and other southern Cajun favorites. Today, people from all over the south plains of Texas enjoy Riversmith's amazing catfish and chicken. Paul (Bob's son) carries on the family tradition that Bob began through Catering and Deliveries, as well as a very popular restaurant.


Old Man River

The name River Smith's came about because when Bob was growing up he would fish for Catfish so much with his dad, that he was nick named "Old Man River". That is where the name River came from, but Bob thought River Corcorran's would be too hard to remember, and so River Smith's came to be.

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